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Sports evoke emotions not only for athletes. Watching your favorite sports and betting on matches can also give you an adrenaline rush. With the development of computers, cyber sports have entered the group of the most popular sports categories. As with classic games, you can also see a division here into games that require skill or strategic thinking. Some titles combine more features and are the source of a spectacular show that is hard to tear your eyes away from.

The origins of Counter Strike or what do Half-Life and cyber sports have in common?

Not all games looked the same in their original form, and neither did Counter Strike. At first, it was just a modification of Half-Life, a first-person shooter developed by Valve. Modders especially appreciated this groundbreaking game, and they created their own stories for it, more or less related to the main story of the game. Some tried to make something new, but based on a proven engine – that’s how Counter Strike was created.
Before CS:GO stakes became popular, the game underwent many changes. Over the years, the modification has become a full-fledged game, which is played by fans of team shooters around the world. Support from Valve and the release of Counter Strike on Steam simplified the online game, which, in turn, led to a more convenient organization of teams and clan clashes. Counter Strike has come a long way, but systematic correction of bugs by developers and implementation of original solutions turned into a box office success – making the game a way of life for many fans.

CS: GO’s road to success is through collaboration with the fans

One thing is for sure – the game would not have been successful if it was not for the close collaboration with the fans. The community created maps and suggested changes, and the initial lack of balance didn’t stop anyone.

In 2003, version 1.6 was released, which used the Half-Life engine while remaining with a separate name. Team game gradually became an integral part of many gaming events and conventions. Counter Strike’s creators repeatedly told about the times when everyone could share their thoughts on the game’s development on a special community forum. Today almost every artist invests in PR, but back then it wasn’t the norm.

Sports betting and Counter Strike

Counter Strike is one of those games that fans are used to. The most popular version 1.6 has kept players with it, despite the release of subsequent improved versions. It’s the same with tournaments, which have long been based on the same game update. Part of the community explained their attachment to the mechanics because the graphics themselves played a secondary role for them. This only changed with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.




Betting on Counter-Strike matches has been possible for a long time, but only this edition managed to beat 1.6 in popularity. Betting on CS:GO has become the norm for many betting shops around the world. However, the ties between bookmakers and the cyber sports industry are not only limited to betting on matches. Bookmakers not only create cybersports lines, but also actively support teams and individual players. A great example is the cooperation between cybersport players and betting shops, which allows the cybersport industry to develop even more dynamically.

Betting on CS:GO

Counter Strike is a game that is breaking records in popularity. But why have so many players started forming teams, practicing and group battles? The key to success lies in the well-balanced mechanics that translate into fast matches and self-controlling difficulty of the game. The size of the map made it easy to remember the most important landmarks, which in turn allowed you to come up with different strategies.
The popularity of the game was quickly noticed by bookmakers. However, betting on CS: GO requires not only knowledge of the game itself, but also the characteristics of individual teams and their style of play.
Therefore, before making a bet on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in a bookmaker’s office, you should become familiar with the specifics of individual teams and understand what it is all about, so the betting accuracy at the bookmaker was as high as possible. Specialized portals and forums dedicated exclusively to Counter-Strike can be helpful.

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