Top 5 der besten Ringer der Welt

Wrestling is a sport that’s hard to watch. It’s not like other sports where it’s easy to follow what’s going on, or at least where you can really understand the game/what they are doing. What makes wrestling difficult to watch is that you don’t know whats going on sometimes, how wrestlers are moving around the ring with perfect synergy, or why two guys would just start brawling in the middle of a match. However, most people have watched WWE for some point in their life and are familiar with mainstays of professional wrestling, such as John Cena, Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin etc.. But who are the cream of crop? Who are considered to be top 5? At my own discretion I decided to tryto answer that question by creating a top 5 list. So far I have no criteria for creating this list, but that will be addressed at the bottom of the discussion after all my nominations are in.

John Cena

John Cena is considered one of the most polarizing figures ever in pro wrestling. Either you love him or you hate him, there really isn’t much middle ground between these two opinions. But whatever your opinion may be, it can definitely be agreed upon that he’s one of the favorite wrestlers to watch today. His moveset has always been well thought out and implements fundamentals not foundin a lot of other wrestlers today.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

I can’t write about professional wrestling without mentioning the person who basically made it big in WWE, or at least was there from the beginning and turned it into what it is today. The Undertaker has been a mainstay in WWE for over 20 years now, with his career starting in 1990 and still going strong to this day. He introduced magic into the world of pro wrestling by adding occult elements to a character that most would never see as evil or demonic. With his gimmick being tied closely to death he’s always fascinated audiences with supernatural capabilities such as teleportation, walking through fire worry free, summoning lightning bolts, ect ect… Any time you think of the Undertaker you’re undoubtedly going to be reminded of some table spot, some very effective spot that would make even more seasoned veterans scared.

Randy Orton

Randy Orton is considered one of the most successful wrestlers in WWE history. He’s held almost all major championship belts across WWE brands with the exception of the world heavyweight title. And he’ll probably hold that belt soon enough too. His character has undergone many changes over his career, but for this discussion we’ll focus on his face run(s). Those who follow him know how great of a heel or just plain bad ass he can be. I’m talking about using chairs anywhere andeverywhere in any way possible to get an edge on his opponents. With such a versatile move set and no fear, it’s inevitable that he’ll win the match more often than not.

Triple H/Hunter

Triple H is definitely one of the most decorated wrestlers in WWE history. He’s held almost every belt available at least once and some multiple times, and that includes world heavyweight title too. This just goes to show how valuable he was throughout the years of being part of WWE main events and storylines since joining DX(Degeneration X) with Shawn Michaels back in 1996. Even though we’re only talking about face runs here (he has had some amazing heel moments as well), Triple H has always been one of the most entertaining wrestlers in the world today.

Stone Cold

Stone Cold is another person who basically made professional wrestling mainstream again. He definitely brought it to a new level with all his antics, but he also contributed greatly in giving WWE its biggest boom since Hulkamania! With almost all major championship belts across WWE brands at least once, along with having some great matches under his belt, I find it hard to not give him a spot on this list… But why number 5? Well I think Randy Orton gets an edge over him because of how long each wrestler stayed at the top before taking a break or retiring from wrestling for good.

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